Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Medusa's Knee

The first boulder problem... Medusa's Knees:

    This is a boulder problem that is located on the upper cliff band of the Dynamite Shacks... adjacent to the Tabeguche Trail head.  It is located directly behind the Vodka Arete boulder problem and is super-bomb (in my opinion). 

     The problem first went off by myself, then was seconded by Donny Warbritton, and then Kenny Barker.  We all somewhat agreed that it was somewhere between a V8 or V9... I think an appropriate rating would be light V9.  Hopefully the video helps and good luck gang!

      Let me know of feedback as I would like to hear positive-constructive comments!



Monday, March 26, 2012

Dynamite Shacks

         This is a local area around Grand Junction, CO-- generally used by climbers as a beginning point to understand difficult, sandy, and sometimes sketchy top outs and boulder problems.  Over time this place could probably become an awesome training ground... but it will require a lot more traffic! 

          Getting to the Dynamite Shacks is pretty simple and quick... it is a great place if you only have a few hours or minutes to crank down.  From Grand Junction all you have to do is head towards the Redlands on Broadway, Take a left on Monument Road and follow it till you see a large dirt parking lot on the left.  This is Tabeguache trail head... generally frequented by bikers, climbers, and general outdoor enthusiasts.  Once parked... cross the road headed west and the boulders will be right in front of you.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Monkey see Monkey do (The Purpose)

      Beta Bytes is a concept that I have been batting around in my brain for quite a while... first off I would like to express what I think is becoming a trend in the climbing world; the need for climbing to be established as a sport.  Much like gymnastics, pole-vault, or (hell) even curling; climbing is an expression of human achievment not only physically, but mentally as well.  Climbing as sport seems to be trending away from a bunch of friends playing around on rocks and "pebble wreslting"-- to more physical/training intensive endeavour.  Diets, muscle fuel, intensive work out sessions, mental preparation for competitions, and professional coaches are all becoming pretty common place in well established gyms and crags.  With this in mind and a philosophical view of human knowledge being built off of previous generations;  Beta Bytes was born. 
       What I wanted to do was create a blog that not only chronicles fun climbs, crags, and people; but to also express background, information, and yes (much to the chagrin of staunch fundamentalist climbers) knowledge of how to climb a route.  Think of this blog as an incomplete guide book... one that will take a few climbs (already known and established) and show how the climb functions and flows.  My sincere hope is to help beginner climbers progress quicker through the learning process and begin to develop their skills (and technique book) at an accelerated speed.  We all can't afford a coach; but if a person sees how a route is accomplished it may give enough of a base to create confidence and excitement to at least try. 
        Over the next several months I hope to just help out local climbers with areas and problems (it will be bouldering mostly)  and stimulate an interest in exploration and culitvation of their own climbing skills.  If this concept gains popularity... well we shall see.         
         I would also like to say that I'm not interested in hate mail... or hearing about the angry individuals out there who get grumpy about spreading knowledge about an area or ruining the adventure aspect of climbing... there is an inexhaustible amount of routes and climbs in the world... go find them and when you do-- share them; it is kind and generous act to teach-- why is that a problem?